Thursday, November 29, 2007


I wrote a little rhyme when Isobel had just turned 1. My feeble attempt at poetry...

Isobel was born 396 days ago---
she's still a baby, i know.
but after you've heard my story
hopefully, you'll see
why Isobel amazes me so.

she wakes up each morning
hungrily crying for milk,
after downing a gallon or two
she'll gurgle and coo
and promptly gets hungry again.

she'll eat chicken and gravy and rice
and a couple of blueberry pies
some oatmeal cookies and chocolate cake
and, no matter what i bake,
she'll want an extra slice.

never mind that her gums are all sore
potatoes, carrots and corn--- she can't ignore.
she'll have sausage, she'll have porridge
(and most everything else in the fridge)
but still be hungry for more.

her teeth have only started to grow
but she can eat a bagel in one go
plus a dozen donuts, if you please
and a big, big chunk of cheese
on bread with some mayo.

"Isobel, this has got to stop,
you eat everything in one gulp!
if you go on eating like this, you'll burst---
and you know what's worse?
i'll have to clean up after with a mop!"

but she only smiled and continued to eat
(starting with veggies and on to the meat!)
then she grew and she grew and floated up high,
upward she floated waving her arms in the sky...
laughing, she yelled, "goodbye!"

the next day an eagle brought her back
toting Isobel in a cozy little sack.
said the eagle from the west,
"she's eating me out of house and nest!
i beg you, please take her back!"

i hugged Isobel, glad to have her back,
so tightly that i feared her bones would crack.
relieved, i kissed my baby
and tearfully, lovingly, she looked at me...
and asked for a little snack.