Friday, December 21, 2007

you can run but you can't hide...

This one was inspired (uh-huh) by Pocholo

When I can't find my rubber shoes
Or that blue shirt I love to use
Guess who finds them all for me... my mommy.

When I get a nasty bump on my head
Or fall of the edge of my bed
Guess who knows I scraped my knee... my mommy.

When I have homework left undone
Because I played all day in the sun
Guess who's waiting by the door for me... my mommy.

When I bathe but forget to shampoo
Or watch a movie and stay up 'til two
Guess who knows just by looking at me... my mommy.

I think sometimes it's magic
Or some kind of parent trick
That she has many eyes which I can't see... my mommy.

So if it's a secret you wish to say
Don't breathe it out loud, I pray
My mom has lots of eyes, but ain't it a bummer
If she has many ears as well?

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