Thursday, June 5, 2008

My coffee

I don't like Starbucks, except for their caramel macchiatto. Their blends just aren't strong enough.

I don't like Bo's and absolutely hate everything that's purportedly for human consumption at Gloria Jeans. Blech.

I love Batangas barako coffee. It's perfect with fried rice and daing na bangus with a side of chopped toamatoes and onions.

I love Seattle's Best coffee, especially their raspberry mocha kiss and almond mocha joy--- it's like having dessert AND coffee in the same sip.

I love Figaro coffee, with their pudding topped with sweet, creamy sauce. It reminds me of afternoons when my mom went pudding-happy because we had so much day-old bread.

I love Old Manila coffee, served with their breads and pasta dishes. The hot liquid swirling around in your mouth after a bite of the flavorful adobo pandesal is just heavenly.

I love UCC coffee, with their sandwiches that are spilling over with meat and vegetables.

I love Cafe Breton. Coffee is always good with dessert crepes, and flambes are a great source of entertainment.

I love Kopi Roti. Coffee, to my pleasant surprise, is also good with poached eggs. Delifrance also serves good coffee that packs a wallop, and their coffee bun is even more delectable than Kopi Roti's.

I just love coffee, wherever it's from and whatever brand it carries, and especially if it's served with something that complements its flavor.

My favorite coffee is still what my husband brews for me on mornings when he gets up earlier than I do. He serves it with a cube of ice so i won't burn my tongue, with more sugar than his taste buds and conscience will normally allow, and without any food to go with it. I'll take him over pudding, crepes and poached eggs any day.

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