Saturday, September 27, 2008

you go, gurrrl

On our way to school one morning aboard the school service, we gave way to an elderly lady crossing the street. Actually, we were stunned to immobility. She was a septuagenarian (maybe 60 or so, but I don't know the word form for that, so there), with every bump and dimple on her body held in place by fuchsia spandex. Tight like second skin and adorned with lace ---both her plunging v-neck shirt and leggings--- her outfit was fluorescent proof that you can defy the laws of gravity and fashion in one go. So you can understand why there was no recourse but to stop dead in our tracks and stare. You have to admire her, though. The outfit was hideous, ill-fitting and age-inappropriate (it 's not appropriate at any age, if you ask me), but you have to have guts to be able to step out the front door in that. I would probably be more confident wearing just a paper bag over my head; at least I won't be recognized. But though I believe I have better fashion sense, I could do with even just a tenth of her confidence.

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