Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To a fare-thee-well: Cory Aquino

She has enriched my life with a history that inspires and gives hope. She is a symbol of strength and conviction, a steward of benevolence. She has inspirited me with the belief that simple but heartfelt prayers are as invaluable as physical acts of courage and kindness, and that prayers really do get answered.

She was simply, and in essence, a wife and mother who chose to do what is right. Men of far greater constitution would have buckled under the weight of the responsibilities she took on and would have cowered at the challenges she had to face--- but she was unwavering in her faith and steadfast in her commitment.

Her story is one I hope to tell my children and my children's children--- with pride and gratitude for the woman who restored our freedom and gave us hope.

Though I feel deep sorrow on her passing and join the entire nation in mourning, I have never felt so proud to be a Filipino.

The flame burns.

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