Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In pursuit of...

I felt right at home even before I crossed the threshold. A welcome mat has never been so inviting. Inside, the waft of cool artificial climate made me realize just how hot the noonday sun was.

The first thing I noticed was a table by the wall, decked with small clay teapots-- glazed, handpainted or left in their raw, unembellished form-- and ceramic jars filled with the promise of a soothing tea adventure.

Mounted on the walls are big frames: thumbnail photographs in a sea of black matting. On the far end of the room, only handwriting adorns the walls. In pen, in ink, in paint-- sentimental or whimsical outpourings of the instrument-wielder. Admittedly, there is much pleasure to be gained from reading these musings from faceless strangers.

The owner of the place served the food with a smile that lit up the entire room. Radiating warmth like an old friend, he eagerly answered the numerous questions about the food and other interesting pieces around. He writes, he sews, he cooks, he takes photographs and he makes art out of most anything he touches. Midas, up close and personal.

The food is divine, but more than that, the entire menu was designed for the specific purpose of nourishment while giving a boost of happy hormones. The premise of the menu alone gives a welcome surge of delight.

It's a restaurant, a cafe, a living/art space-- call it what you will. Van Gogh is Bipolar, most certainly, is a unique experience that explores the elusive art of being happy.


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