Monday, November 2, 2009

I believe

I don't believe in a one true love. Or in love at first sight. Or in fairy tales, much less happy endings. I don't believe in Santa Claus. I think makeup sex is overrated and that the question of whether or not to kiss on the first date suffers from overanalysis.

I believe that the first date is a chance to get to know the other person and to have fun--- not a scheme to delude another into believing you're someone you're not, nor the occasion to be tormented by The Rules.

I believe that sex is so much more gratifying when taken for what it is, not as a tool to facilitate forgiveness, to promote memory loss or to release pent up anger.

I believe that though the stories about Santa Claus may be amusing for children, it is a lie, and both an injustice and a serious display of disrespect to their intellect.

I believe that we have a say in how things end, and that the reason why endings aren't happy is because we look for it in all the wrong places, and we hinge our happiness on prophesied endings instead of on the here and now, or on how competently a person fulfills our fabricated criteria for love or happiness.

I believe that love at first sight is a load of crap. You may like a person instantly, but love develops and deepens only after you've seen his many flaws, and you feel ever more drawn to him.

I believe that there is enough love to go around, that every person is worthy of it, and that the love you have for your partner is no more true than what you feel for that friend you met only a couple of months ago.

I believe in a one true god, one who is beyond obsessing over the fact that his name should be spelled with a capital letter. A god who is honest and forgiving and kind. A god who likes to laugh. A god who is only as mysterious as the stranger you meet on the street, whom you can get to know and love, should you choose to. I believe in a god who is pure love, so full of it that he spills out unto every person, every creature, every wondrous sight, every peaceful sleep, every tender touch, every haunting melody, every smile, every waking moment.

And it takes my breath away.


lightcollector said...

and that no creation of god's is imperfect in as much as it would gratify one to pronounce it so.

beautiful piece of writing.

mental wayfarer said...

Thank you, lightcollector. I'm flattered.