Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wishing flower

The moon was big and bright and the wishing flower was in bloom. You wouldn't think it held all that power just by looking at it.

I don't believe in fairies that grant wishes-- nor in wishing wells or shooting stars-- much less a single white flower.

But I do believe it wields magic in that it gives some hope where there is none.


Peter S. said...

Hi, Ajie! I've always been fascinated with the moon. I remember one time when R and I were on the beach and the moon was out. It was so perfect!

Lately, I've also been fond of looking at the sunrise. Many people find sunsets more romantic, but I think that the sunrise symbolize hope and it's another day to be thankful for.

mental wayfarer said...

Hi, Peter! I agree. There are few things better than the beach, the moon, and someone dear to you...