Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peripheral Vision

I see shapes of people in various states of motion or rest-- sitting, walking, gesturing with their hands, taking long strides as if in a hurry to go somewhere, standing up, leaning against a wall, crushing a cigarette underfoot, typing away on a keyboard, drinking from a cup. Just people shapes. No faces, no emotions. No, not people exactly; rather, impressions of them.

I see colors. Subtle hues with fuzzy edges and dull ash grays to darker ones. Those colors that no store-bought tints can imitate. Like the color of the world through a foggy window, a starless sky, or when the first vestiges of light break through. Those colors that, I imagine, would be called melancholy or velvet night in poetry.

I see shadows of events. Maybe premonitions. Maybe memories. Vignettes of situations. Things I would have done but didn't. People I would have met but are long gone. Droning murmurs of conversations spoken only in the obscurity of my mind. A friendly touch on an arm, a warm hand on a shoulder, a casual caress of fingertips through hair-- as tentative in thought as in substance. Maybe dreams. Maybe lies.

I watch life unfold-- not before me-- but out of the corner of my eye. And only here do I feel safe.


Hopeless Romantic Empath said...

This is so touching. It captures my state of mind like a dream catcher and yet in the aftermath I still feel full for having shared a mood.

Thank you deeply, Scotty

mental wayfarer said...

Thank you for taking the time to write, Scotty, and for sharing the mood.

Hopeless Romantic Empath said...

Perhaps you would care to read my blog. Getting readers or feedback is slow going so the views of a accomplished writer would be warmly received.

Of course I understand if your time is at a premium, thanks in any case, Scotty~

mental wayfarer said...

I did, as soon as i read your first comment. You're fairly new to blogging, i see. Keep the posts coming.:)