Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Harsh white light flooded the room and the mirrors were not kind. She looked fat, the fabric of her slacks stretched unflatteringly around her hips and thighs. She wore her low-cut blouse that, though her friend from work said the color looked good on her, showed off a faint shadow of cleavage none too proudly. Over it, she covered her big arms and flabby midsection with a dark blazer. She leaned forward to inspect her reflection, dismayed at her lackluster hair that was a tad too short and failed to hide her thick neck. Can't do anything about that now, she thought, as she made a last attempt to conceal the dark circles under her eyes with powder. A friend had set her up on a blind date and, if her date was punctual, he should already be waiting for her at the table he reserved.

Smile, she reminded herself, walking across the lobby to the restaurant.

He looked up. He saw a girl whose smile lit up the whole room, and she walked right past his table.



stokedbunny said...

this made me smile.

mental wayfarer said...

Thanks, stokedbunny.:)