Monday, May 2, 2011

Confessions of a Deathmaiden: Whodunit #8

Tomas Gomez was in a coma. He was sent home by the Abbot-Kinney Medical Center to wait for his death. He was only a little boy and he was not ready to die.

Frances Oliver had four years of training at the Institute for Eternal Living and was called to assist with Tomas Gomez. Her job-- similar to that of a midwife who assists during childbirth-- was to help the dying cross over. But when she met the brain-dead Mexican boy with the sloping forehead, she saw his future, his wife, his children. It was not his time to die.

As a deathmaiden, Frances could not be too attached to a patient. But Tomas was only ten, and she felt that he was cheated of living a full life by someone, and that person had used her. As she set forth to uncover who was responsible, she finds her own life threatened as she gets closer and closer to the truth. Her quest takes her from modern L.A. deep into the heart of Mexico where the ancient Tarascan tribe lives-- their religious practice of cannibalism holding the key to the unraveling of a complicated, exciting and adventure-filled mystery.

Confessions of a Deathmaiden is thrilling and thought-provoking, pushing the reader to re-evaluate his beliefs about life, death and what really matters, mixing fact and fiction in a seamlessly-woven novel.

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Mary said...

This definitely sounds interesting. I'm going to add this on my list. Thanks for keeping up with the challenge. Gathering Books will be doing its own whodunit reviews in may and june. Join us there. :)