Monday, June 16, 2008

(Not-So)-Bad Hair Day

My youngest daughter simultaneously discovered scissors and snippable objects. She would mark the living room floor as her territory by scattering things she intends to use the scissors on--- coloring books, her brothers' notebooks, ribbons, magazines, sticker sheets, sketch pads... I would watch her vigilantly at the beginning until I was confident that she had mastered the technique and would not inadvertently slice a finger. She has commendable fine motor skills; a fact I picked up on when, in front of a handheld mirror propped up by a coffe mug, she cut her own hair. Initially, of course (the banshee that I am), I screamed in horror, thinking that she'd have to endure weeks with an awful head of hair. Or worse yet, we'd have to cut off all it and she would constantly be mistaken for a boy until her hair grew back to a decent length.

Upon inspection, however, she really didn't do a half-bad job of it. She had created a layered style with wispy bangs that--- though a bit too short and assymetrical for my taste--- was still the best one could have done with a handheld mirror and kiddie scissors.

Mental note: Buy my daughter trimming scissors and a hydrocephalic Bratz doll with lots of hair to practice on.

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