Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cup of thought

One of the best places to hang out if you're alone is at a coffee shop. There is something about the smell of coffee, or maybe the tiny tables often flanked by 2 or more chairs but can barely accommodate a single person, that is conducive to solitude. The coffee experience is solemn, soothing and prone to introspection. It's as if the pervasive aroma of roasted beans beckons to the individual, at a personal level--- unlike alcohol whose call promises a raucous experience that can only be achieved in the sharing.
I like to sit at a table outside, equipped with a book to read, people-watching at intervals.
Some of the customers come in pairs or small groups, talking in hushed tones accompanied by some indistinct melody emitted by the coffee shop's speakers.

But most are by themselves--- alone but not necessarily lonely. If they were, it is not out of place.
One, usually an elderly man, would be reading a newspaper. Another would be reviewing for an exam, betrayed by the volumes of textbooks and loose notes scattered on her table. Yet another would be in front of his laptop, fingers dancing away on the keys.

Some faces are familiar, and recognize each other. A nod or a hint of a smile in acknowledgment momentarily mars the atmosphere of loneliness, but in breaking the gaze just as quickly restores it.
I feel comforted, and go back to reading. All's well.


Peter said...

Hello, Ajie! I love hanging out in coffee shops as well, although I hardly pay attention to the people around me. (I guess this is why people think of me as suplado.)

mental wayfarer said...

Could be.:)But you're really very friendly pala. I instantly felt comfortable with you.
Where's your favorite coffee shop, Peter? What do you usually drink?

Peter said...

I go to a lot of coffee shops! Starbucks, of course, since my sister works for them. I love the chai latte of Coffee Bean and Seattle's Best. And the brewed coffee of Figaro. I love the coffee of Dunkin Donuts too!

mental wayfarer said...

We should keep that coffee date, then. It would be so interesting to talk about coffee, and books, with you. Oooh! I hope some day soon.:)