Friday, September 18, 2009

The thrill

Touch is thrilling, but I am putty in the hands of beautiful writing.

While I was skimming through blogsites for distraction, I came across one that blew me away. The style is evocative and sincere--- a treat amid blogs that seem propelled by the pressure of production rather than inspiration. The blogger claims that he writes only about bits and pieces of this and that but, oh, the manner...

He elevates rambling to an art form. He explores conventional definitions of ideas and challenges me.

He asks, though under no duress, I am slave to the question. The answers come to me in trickles, incomplete and lacking clarity, but I feel that the journey is as exciting as the epiphany.

He asks, like he's trying to get into my head by way of casually typed and carelessly punctuated phrases, and manages to probe so much deeper--- a feat so discomfiting for its logical impossibility.

I respond warmly to touch, if it's invited or expected. Words, however, send shivers up my spine like a gentle caress.
I am moved.


Hilda said...

What you've written has something poetic about it, but did you intend it to be? I don't get it.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Ajie! Whose blog are you talking about? I wanna visit it!

mental wayfarer said...

Hilda: I guess I slip into poetry (if you want to call it that, but i'm really no poet) when impassioned, and as an attempt to mask the writing because it's so personal. I wasn't really conscious about it, until you brought it up.

Thanks for leaving a comment, and i hope to hear more of your observations.

mental wayfarer said...

Peter: Oh, the writing is amazing. But it's my opinion. His every word hits home. See if they have the same effect on you and make sure you tell me about it.

gege said...

Ajie, I'm trying to find a word to describe your writing, a word that would not make sound like I'm fawning. "Exquisite" comes to mind. Ooops, I'm fawning. Sorry.

Let me just say I envy the writing. I envy the emotions behind the writing. It's been a long time since I got that excited over anything.

mental wayfarer said...

Gege: Thank you! Yummy ego food. Fawn at will, please.*grin*