Sunday, September 20, 2009

Light trails

The past weeks have been a wild ride. On a motorcycle. A big, noisy one. I'm straddling it, a mere passenger. The wind is lashing at my face, hair a black whip behind me. We negotiate the turns, losing steam slightly before picking up speed again. Faster. Noisier. The momentum is exhilirating, the noise heightening the rush. The noise, more than just sound, is almost tangible. A heat searing through, like a fever, made bearable only by the chill in the air. The fever burns: a convulsion. We stop at a red light. We watch the cars--- muted sounds in the distance, taking form at that instant they pass in front of us. The wait is insufferable, and the motor revs in anticipation. Waiting, I struggle to find my center.

The light changes... and I brace myself.


Peter said...

Hi, Ajie! You write one of the most beautiful narratives I've read lately!

mental wayfarer said...

Aww, Peter. Thanks.:)