Thursday, September 24, 2009

Note Worthy

She shudders. The air is weighted with electricity, wild sparks flying off her fingertips. It's hard to breathe, and she pants. She feels like she's being choked, taking pleasure at that precise moment when air is denied as she craves it most. Squirming, gasping, thrashing--- like pain:wickedly delicious.

She sighs. The light is soft, and the hours, mild. The air has ebbed to a static current, a provocative buzz that fills her with need. Without urgency but no less demanding.

She begs, she pleads.
She hungers, she yearns.

And she writes.


fantaghiro23 said...

Ajie, I don't want to read your blog anymore because I feel ashamed of mine.

Galing mo magsulat!

mental wayfarer said...

Ano ba. I wasn't even nominated for any blog award...:) Good job, Honey!

fantaghiro23 said...

And you not being nominated is a grave oversight on my part and everyone else's. Seriously.