Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i know Grief

When I hear about people losing a loved one, I feel more for the one left behind. Surely, the one who passed away had gone to a place that cannot be much worse than life here on earth. But the ones surviving are faced with the formidable task of living, and coping with loss.

Loss is a tricky thing. Loss, from death, is irretrievable--- at least not in existence. On a higher spiritual plane, I believe there may be reprieve, but I am not one of the lucky ones. My soul cannot read metaphysical cues.

I lost both my parents two years ago. My father went first, in April. Before it had even begun to sink in, my mom followed in November of the same year. Though I have mourned, I have yet to grieve.

These two are disparate abstractions: mourning and grieving. And believe me, I know Grief. It is the envy of death.



Peter S. said...

Hi, Ajie! Have you heard of the saying "Funerals are for the living"? I think this is very true.

Frances said...

This is true. Grief is a lifetime companion. But God is good and faithful. When Mama died last year, I thought I would go insane with the loss. But because of my faith, I now know the peace that passes understanding. You'll be in my prayers!

mental wayfarer said...

Peter: How true.
Frances: Thanks. I don't think i've quite reached the point of accepting/realizing, much less dealing with, the loss. I hope when i get there, your peace will rub off on me. Thanks.:)

nettesky said...

Deepest condolences... I had no idea. I can't begin to imagine the depths of your sorrow. I hope you find some solace in the fact that you are loved, from near and far.

mental wayfarer said...

Annette: I do feel loved, but there is comfort in being told. Thank you.:)