Thursday, October 8, 2009

Speak, that I may see you

Like an exultant roar from the pages of a book, or a soothing balm from an online voice. Seen and felt rather than heard, but every bit as heartening.

Like the babbling of strangers, or noisy chatter from the TV. Audible yet detached. Immaterial, yet the comfort is no less real.

Conveyed through action, just as profound. A subtle nod of the head as if to say you are familiar and worthy of acknowledgment. A warm embrace in moments of self-doubt, saying you are a friend and no one, at this singular instant, is worth more.

I do not underestimate the power of words. On the contrary, I revel in it. In a rare but welcome state of clarity and virtue, I wield it. For the most part, however, I am a mere spectator. At best, a dilettante.

In the silence--- of a blank page, of solitude, of loneliness--- I crave it.

Speak to me.


Peter said...

Hi, Ajie! Your writing is just too beautiful. Once again and for the nth time, I am envious of your talent. (And the pictures that go with your post are very artistic.)

This is really one of my frustrations -- to write poetic, lyrical narratives. I guess that's why I became an editor. I'm too good at criticizing other people's writing, but when it comes to writing my own pieces, I am so insecure about showing people my output. (My blog is a different thing though. Mostly I just rant, which is something I'm good at. Hehehe.)

mental wayfarer said...

Oh, but you rant so eloquently. And you're an editor! You should really edit me. I'm sure i'm making a complete ass of myself and I just don't realize it.

You should give yourself more credit, Peter. You're a very good writer.:)