Monday, October 26, 2009

Take It #2

Though not against her better judgment but reluctantly nevertheless, she released herself from his embrace. At once, the darkness engulfed her.

She faced the night in a stance of sciamachy, her face a mask of courage she didn't quite feel. All around voices assailed her--- sensate impressions more than conscious thought--- screaming grief, sorrow, blood and tears.

She stood rooted to the ground she knew was there only because she wasn't free falling. The figure behind her offered relief which she could understand; even love, though this she could not. A temptation that would have been difficult to resist had she not been the stubborn fool that she was.

There were things that she had to do, and do alone. Should the outcome cause her pain, she was sure, at least, that she would forgive herself. No one else would be so magnanimous.


sumthinblue said...

Mindblowing, as always.

You should write a book, seez :)

mental wayfarer said...

Thanks, seez!:D