Sunday, October 25, 2009


Certain smells make me gag, but up until today, I didn't realize that it's generally fragrances that turn me off. Like certain fabric conditioners, some perfumes, shampoos and lotions, even flowers. I do wear scents but I like them clean and very, very faint. With laundry, I like them to smell as they should: like detergent. Not like a garden in full bloom, or the ocean breeze, or a baby's bottom peppered with talc.

But there are smells that leave me giddy with pleasure.

I love the smell of cigarettes on my husband's hands, and the mild odor of smoke as he leans closer for a kiss. I love the smell of his neck, right below the ear, when it's devoid of artificial fragrance. Even healthy sweat is wonderful--- warm and comforting. I love to catch the breath that hovers above his upper lip, vanishing momentarily to marry with the atmosphere, then rolling out once more like a lazy drawl. I love the smell of him, where the chest muscle curves to his shoulder--- masculine but surprisingly gentle in its subtlety.

I hitch my pleasant memories to smells. Though in real life they are evanescent, in remembrance they do not fade.


gege said...

naiinis na ako sa'yo. ang galing mo magsulat.

mental wayfarer said...

Thank you, i think...:)