Sunday, October 25, 2009

what to write

Usually, midnight catches me in a state of utter wakefulness. And night is the muse of thoughts.

A couple of weeks back, I had been writing ravenously. Exorcising my demons or exalting simple joys. Rising with each wave of sudden and delightful inspiration.

But when asked what kind of a writer I am, the word sporadic comes to mind. Inspiration comes in fits and starts. I cannot bring myself to write, or draw, dispassionately. I claim no artistic temperament; it's just the way it is. I have creative droughts.

Today, I found a link in my inbox sent to me by a friend who has elevated himself to the status of Link-Pimp. The link brought me to a site that jumpstarts creativity and encourages writing, even during brain-dead mode. Something I sorely need. It's a writing prompt, and I find it very helpful and more aesthetically pleasing than other sites as far as layout goes. Nice, clean look.

Thanks, A.


Anonymous said...

tried it almost gave me a hard attack. maybe i'll try it again when my stress levels are down.

mental wayfarer said...

Hmm. Maybe you should try:

There's less pressure.:)

gege said...

"hard attack"? sounds kinky.

mental wayfarer said...

Gege: I didn't call her attention to it because it sounded fun.:P