Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take It

She had walked that corridor a hundred times. A vacuum, where time did not exist. But it was night that crept up her veins and left her shivering. There was no end in sight, no doors nor windows to mark her passage.

Spat out of the stygian gloom, he appeared. Tall and large and unexpected. Menacing, until he held her. And she believed that no harm could come to her.

Darkness is a tricky thing, in that you believe that which you cannot see clearly. But it was still reassuring.

Even false comfort is better than no comfort at all.


artseblis said...

a dream, fiction, or something real?

Peter S. said...

Hi, Ajie! I have to ask the same question as artseblis above.

I love your use of metaphors, Ajie. They allow your writing to be more fluid, more reader-centered. It's as if you're letting your reader form his or her own ideas after reading your piece.

Although, I have to be honest: I did look up "stygian" in the dictionary just to be safe. Hehe.

mental wayfarer said...

Mich & Peter: Thank you both. I come across the word "stygian" so often i thought it would be fun to use. Haha. To answer the fact or fiction question, the scenario is fiction (though dreamt in wakefulness) but the mood and all else are fact. Make sense? I can explain better over coffee.:)

fantaghiro23 said...

Is there a continuation? Because I look forward to it.:)

Miss F said...

You are a king. Live alone. Take a free road
And follow where your free mind leads you,
Bring to perfection the fruits of well-loved thoughts
Ask no reward for noble deeds accomplished.
Rewards are within you. Your supreme judge is yourself.
None will ever judge your work more sternly.
Discriminating artist, does it please you ?
-Andrei Tarkovsky

mental wayfarer said...

Fantaghiro: I didn't imagine writing a series, but that sounds interesting... Hmmm.

Miss F: It makes me, the Self-Critic, nervous.:)

gege said...

that wasn't don?