Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give it away

Even if I look closely, or far and beyond, I've discovered that the world isn't all there is to see. Or as I see it. When I look with my inward eye, the pictures aren't necessarily rosier, but they are clearer and more real. In naked light, these images have more meaning...

I notice that sometimes we glower at those who stare. At that stranger who looks a little too long and glances a little too often. But sometimes I wonder whether our dagger looks actually mean why are you so far away?

We are all looking to feel less alone. We're all in search of love, in its many forms: the love of a parent, a partner, a friend.

But love is not elusive, definitely not by design. We just fail to recognize it for what it is because of our own frailties. The insecure cannot find love. The naive sometimes think they've found it when they have not. The greedy do now and then, but they think they haven't. It will serve us well to know that finding love may be just as thrilling and satisfying as the search-- because of the people we meet, and the lessons we learn, along the way. The irony is that, to find love, we must first learn to give it away.

Our need is great and urgent; common and binding. Even the hardest of hearts cannot deny this. Perhaps them, least of all.

Need love? I'm giving it away...

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