Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading Challenges for 2011

As if I didn't have enough on my plate already, and as if I didn't know what I'd be in for judging from my experiences with the A-Z Reading Challenge in 2010, I took on-- not just one-- but two challenges this year! Yes, I'm a laidback kinda girl...

I signed up for FFP's 2011 Quantity Challenge, where I get to dictate how many books I aim to finish, which is good except I put down 100 books because it's such a pretty number, without really thinking if I can read that many. Anyway, I figure I can make things easier by reading 50 children's books, because they are books, too, and 50 novels. But knowing me, I'll think that's cheating so that won't happen. In fact, for the A-Z, I read the books in alphabetical order, because that's how the alphabet goes. Just so you know, I finished way before the deadline. [insert smug grin here]

I also signed up for another one, the Whodunit Reading Challenge by GatheringBooks because, hopefully, it can push me to blog more often; because it sounds like a lot of (geeky) fun; because they have cute buttons I can decorate my page with; because there are book prizes and I have never won anything in my life; because I'm a big masochist (duh); and because it can overlap with the other challenges I've already signed up for. Besides, I'm only supposed to read 9 or more crime/mystery/suspense novels to reach Level 4: Criminal Genius/Mastermind. That's not so many.

I'm currently on my 23rd (and 24th, and 25th... I'm a polybookist) book for the year so I only have to read... hold on while I do the math... one book every 4.35897436 days!

So if there's anyone out there who wants to talk to me or invite me for coffee, please pencil me in for January 2012. This one's going to be a busy year.



Anonymous said...

100 books? Wow! Then again I think we at gathering books have a similar problem. We've just signed ourselves up to reading 365 books this year. Divide that by the three of us that roughly 122 books each.
So i know what you mean being a masochist in that respect.
Anyway, thanks for joining the challenge and we do hope it pushes you to blog more. We do hope you win a prize. :)


mental wayfarer said...

We're a bunch of ambitious people, aren't we? I just wish there is as much time in a day as there are books. Good luck, Mary! Here's hoping we all finish our reading challenges and have an awesome time doing them!

Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

Wow. 100 books are indeed a challenge! But I suppose that's the beauty of it - aiming for something great. We look forward to reading your blogposts. We are always on the hunt for new authors, titles, and this is one great way to go about it. =)

mental wayfarer said...

Thanks, Myra. And good luck with your reading challenge/s!